Jun. 14th, 2009

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I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, though I've had symptoms for years. I also have endometriosis, and the symptoms of the two diseases are very similar. I attributed many of the symptoms I now know to be celiac symptoms to the endometriosis, until it became very obvious that something else was going on.

I would like for this community to focus on support, education, and information. I want this to be a place where we can share what we've learned, ask questions, rant or vent about doctors or symptoms, and have a place where we understand that we aren't just "picky eaters", "attention seekers" or part of the newest fad. Since gluten seems to be getting a lot of media attention lately, a lot of people have become more aware. This is both good and bad for celiacs and others who are gluten intolerant, because while it forces the food and drug industry to take an honest look at their products and make versions that are safe for us, it also means a lot of people are trying out a gluten-free lifestyle who do not necessarily need to, leaving people to believe that everyone has that choice. Living gluten-free is not a choice for us, it's a necessity. Along those same lines, it can be difficult for people who don't suffer from this disease to understand that a little bit of gluten isn't any more okay for us than a lot of it. Cross contamination is a very real issue for many people.

I hope that this will evolve into a supportive space for those with this disease as well as an informative space for those who are trying to understand it from our perspective.

I look forward to learning from all who have been traveling this road longer than I.
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 Like the subject says, this isn't really a recipe. It's more an evolution of the "things with corn tortillas" food group. (I'm not the only person who some how ends up eating corn tortillas all the time, right?)

Anyway, the other day I made gluten free mini pizzas.

corn tortilla pizza!

They're just two corn tortillas with marinara sauce, cheese and cut up salami (the closest thing I had on hand to pepperoni). I'd tried making them before with just one corn tortilla, but the sauce soaked through. So I used two, one on top of the other and the toppings on top of that. I baked them for, I don't know, 8 minutes, maybe? Until the cheese melted and the edges were crispy. In a 350 degree oven. 

They turned out pretty well, I think. GF pizza is really expensive, if you can find it. Whereas these cost maybe 75 cents to make. And the GF pizzas I've tried don't have crusts that taste anything like real pizza crust anyway, so these are actually pretty similar to them. Hope you like them. :D


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